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IAB Members

Members of IAB (2007- Present)- affiliation and brief biography

Prof Thomas D’Hooghe - (Leuven University, Belgium)- MD, PhD is a gynecologist, Director of the Leuven University Fertility Center, a full professor in Leuven University and a Research Associate at IPR. He has been working together with IPR for 17 years, lived at IPR for 3 years (1990-1993) while doing research for his PhD (baboon model for endometriosis, Leuven, 1994), and has ongoing projects in the areas of endometriosis, assisted reproduction and HIV.

Prof John Hearn - (Canberra, Australia)-John Hearn is a Kenyan and has been a pioneer in the establishment of embryonic stem cells from rhesus monkeys. Over the last years, he has held various senior positions in academic administration and he is strong supporter of the need for nonhuman primate research in the area of human reproduction.

Prof Deborah Anderson - (Boston, USA)-Deborah Anderson, PhD, is a very experienced researcher in vaginal immunology, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. She is an Associate Professor at Boston University, and has been a collaborator with IPR in the past.

Dr Jim Else- (Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University)-Jim is currently the associate Director for Research Resources at Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. He is a former director of IPR (in the 1980s) and has maintained contact with IPR and expressed his desire to support new collaborations with IPR staff in the area of virology and primate medicine.

Prof Jeanne Altman - (Princeton University)-Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 08544, USA. Jeanne works on primate ecology and behavior and her team has over 20 years of research collaboration with IPR involving training and the Amboseli Baboon Project for demography and behavior.

Prof Jan Hau - (University of Copenhagen)-Formerly at Uppsala University but has recently moved to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His major interests are in comparative biology and Laboratory animal science. While at Uppsala, Jan provided opportunities for many IPR staff to train for Masters and PhD degrees. He continues to support such training and collaborations with IPR.

Prof Christopher L. King - (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio)-Centre for Global Health, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Chris Kings interests are in infectious diseases especially Malaria, HIV and Schistosomiasis. His association with IPR goes back to early 1990s and continues to date. He has helped secure NIH funding for immunopathological studies of parasitic infections and has offered fellowships at CWRU to IPR staff.

Prof Alan Wilson - (University of York, UK)- Department of Biology, University of York, UK. Alan’s lab works on immunology of parasitic infections and is also very strong on Genomics and Proteomics. His collaborations with IPR go back to the 1970s and continue to date with studies on parasite vaccine development. He has been PI on various EU-funded grants at IPR and offered PhD training at his lab in York to senior IPR staff.

Prof John Cooper - (University of West Indies)-John and Margaret Cooper are at the University of West Indies and also work for the Wildlife Services UK. He has been associated with IPR since its inception in the 1960s and continues to visit regularly to conduct seminars and workshops. His main research interests are in wildlife pathology, forensic medicine and animal welfare issues.

Prof Roger Short - (University of Melbourne, Australia)-Roger is a world expert in reproductive research in general and in issues related to family planning and HIV prevention in particular. He has been a strong supporter of IPR during the last 25 years.

Prof Phillip Loverde -(Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (SFBR), San Antonio, Texas)- Phil Loverde was until recently scientific director at the SFBR in San Antonio, Texas. His research interests include virology and immunology and he serves in various WHO and Welcome Trust committees. He currently coordinates a five-year program of work at IPR on Schistosomiasis vaccine development with NIH funding. He has developed an interest to assist IPR with training at SFBR especially in the area of vaccine development and primate medicine.

Prof. Kathleen M. Brasky - (San Antonio Primate Center, USA)-Kathy is Professor and, Senior veterinarian/colony manager, at the San Antonio Primate Center. She has many years of experience at the Southwest National Primate Research Center working with nonhuman primates. She is also an experienced researcher and is qualified in Bio-Safety Level 3 and 4 work with nonhuman primates, is strongly involved with clinical medicine and nonhuman primate management, and works in many intramural and extramural committees.

Prof Marleen Temmerman- (Ghent University, Belgium)-Prof Temmerman, MD, PhD, is at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. She is a gynecologist with 20 years of experience in scientific collaboration with Kenya, mostly in the area of HIV and sexually transmitted disease. She is also the Director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health, affiliated with Ghent University.

Dr Stephen Gacheru- (Bristol Squibb Myers, USA)-Stephen is a Kenyan who works at Bristol Squibb Myers as Associate Director for Biotechnology. He previously worked at IPR (up to 1993) as a Senior Research Scientist. He has also previously worked in academia and was professor at Boston University Medical Center for 5 years.

Dr Rashid Aman- (National Museums of Kenya)-Representative of the National Museums of Kenya (Subcommittee on Research). Dr Aman previously worked at IPR and the National Museums of Kenya where he held senior positions including as senior Research Scientist, Head of Parasitology and Director of Research.

Dr Davy Chikamata- (WHO Africa)-WHO Regional Advisory Panel for Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean; Area Manager for Anglophone Africa.

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